Dental implants are permanent replacements for lost teeth that simulate the root and the crown of the teeth. There are two main parts of a dental implant: the post and the prosthesis. The post is a titanium screw surgically placed in your gums, which acts just like the root of the missing tooth. This means that you do not experience the kind of bone loss that comes with other restorations; the post stimulates the jawbone just like a tooth root and prevents it from diminishing.

The other part of the implant is the prosthesis, which is the part that looks and acts like the tooth. For single implant restorations, the prosthesis is generally a crown. For multiple missing teeth, our dentist can also use dental bridges, which anchor to multiple posts. Regardless of the type, your restoration will look, act and feel like a normal tooth, and you can feel free to speak, eat and take care of your teeth completely normally.

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